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Ragdoll car breeder.

Healthy, Affectionate Ragdoll Cat Breeder

TICA/CFA Registered

We are a TICA/CFA registered, small cattery dedicated to breeding and showing healthy, affectionate ragdolls that meet breed standards.

We compete and hold to the high standards of the International cat Association, and the Cat Fanciers Association.

Touchstone Dolls Ragdoll Cat Breeder
Touchstone Dolls Ragdoll Cat Breeder

About Ragdoll Cats

About Ragdolls: Ragdolls are not only a gorgeous, pointed, blue-eyed breed but they have wonderful laid back affectionate personalities. They are often found following a family member around and are always gathered in the same room as other family members. Please take a stroll through our Boys/Girls page to meet our Ragdolls. A description of their type and personalities are listed with their show accomplishments.

My Ragdolls are raised underfoot with plenty of love so that they can share their unconditional love with you and your family. All show/breeders have tested negative for Ragdoll/Maine Coon HCM (UC Davis/ NCSU), and are also FIV/FELV negative.

RFCI Member

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Touchstone Dolls Ragdoll Cat Breeder
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