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Touchstone Dolls Ragdoll Cat Breeder


Focus Nea Selini*PL x Only Love Charme Felina*PL


RD HCM DNA Negative

FELV & FIV Negative


Seal Bi color 


Ethan has developed impressive muscular " boning" and is  quite a large boy. He did not enjoy being in the showhall and is content at home and in his cat tree.

Maxwell's pic for Boys page - BLUE COLORPOINT MITTED.jpg


RD/MC HCM DNA Negative

FELV & FIV Negative

TGC Ragstars Caprize x USAPurrs American Blue Bonnet

Blue point mitted

Max is all boy and is quite fond of his girl, Calli.He also loves to be "mothered" by cat matriarch ,Gracie and seeks her out to be groomed and licked. When given the opportunity, his favorite sleeping spot is by my head in bed.

Max, unfortunately ,did not like showing and is content being home as a stud.

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