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Touchstone Dolls Ragdoll Cat Breeder

CALLI: Regional Winner, Quadruple Grand Champion

GC KissyKat Kennedy of Chiffondolzz  X GC Chiffondolls Miss Mathilda

RD/MC HCM DNA Negative

FELV & FIV Negative

Seal Lynx Bi Color

Calli is total sweetness on four paws. This gorgeous gal gets along with everybody and just goes with the flow of things. She's very curious and active and has to be the first to investigate every sound and activity. She has the softest fur we've ever felt and beautiful, piercing blue eye color.

RW QGC - Calli managed to Champion, Grand Champion, and take a Best at her very first show! She took another best at her second show (amidst very tough competition) and is now a Quadruple Grand champion.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus happened and that was the end of her show career after only 2 shows. She will now be devoting her time to her family and hopefully have kittens that mirror her looks and personality.

TICA MA : 2020 16TH Best Long Hair Cat of the year
TICA MA : 2020 Best Seal Lynx Bicolor 
TICA MA : 2020 2nd Best Ragdoll
TICA MA : 2020 3rd Best Ragdoll Kitten


Tiara: Blue Bi-Color

IW BW SGC Cotton Blues Sweet Revenge X Adorable Dolls Demure

RD/MC HCM DNA Negative

FELV & FIV Negative

Blue Bi Color

Tiara is a total purrbox and is also a beautiful girl who has amazing eye color. This sweet girl has an impressive pedigree. Her Dad is an international winner and #1 TICA Ragdoll in the world.

Touchstone Dolls Ragdoll Cat Breeder

SOPHIE: Regional Winner ,Supreme Grand Champion Alter

RW SGCA Sophie

(aka Blue Prints 2 My Heart)

Amorusangels Dan Delion X Echoglen Crystal Blue Purrsuasion

RD/ MC HCM DNA Negative

FELV & FIV Negative

Blue Lynx Bi Color

Sophie is my beautiful Supreme show alter and shopping buddy. She loves to be in my shopping cart when I am shopping and garners a lot of attention for her "shopping style". If she could have her way, I would be a truck driver and we would have all the " Mom & Me " time together, travelling and shopping ( without the rest of the gang). Lol. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we haven't been shopping since. Sophie is a good example of the type and confirmation that I hope to achieve.

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